SWAG Bao Bie

My name is Baobie, but after we become friends on SWAG Live, you may call me Yang Ying. I hope you enjoy our time together. My height is 1.5 meters, and I weigh 40 kilos. I am 24 years old. Here are my measurements. When it comes to my body, I want to maintain things lovely and sparkling. My breast is an E cup, my waist is sixty inches, and my hips measure eighty. In addition, since my physique is as flawless as yours, I have no qualms about giving you a tremendous service. If you would want to witness something really remarkable, please do not hesitate to send me a note via my Swag Live profile page. Remember to follow me so that you won't miss out on any live broadcasts that I may be doing while I'm currently online. Together, let us create some enchanted moments in which we can temporarily forget about the rest of the world and indulge in the creation of our very own joyful paradise.

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