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You are welcome. This is Han Xuan. If your heart is already suffering, you may want to miss my live broadcast for the time being since I am a girl who has a style of communicating that is both cryptic and spicy. Before you pass judgment on me, you should first examine yourself thoroughly. I was born in Vietnam, but I spent my childhood in Taiwan, so my personality is a bit of a fusion of various cultures. It is possible that after a time of conversing with me, you may discover that you have fallen into a trap from which you are unable to escape. In order to ensure that you do not miss out on my broadcast hours, be sure to keep an eye on my personal profile on SWAGLive. Those who pay attention to my disposition are rewarded with advantages while the presentation is in progress. Your encouragement is what keeps me going each and every day, and I am grateful to those who are kind and courteous. If you are just seeking for someone to have a meal with, please do not hesitate to invite me. What are we going to do this evening? Let's find out!

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